The Metromaniacs

Middlebury Actors Workshop

A comedy by David Ives
Mistaken identity, misplaced ardor, and a fight for true love ensue in this adaptation of Piron’s 1738 French Farce.  With his sparkling wit and brilliant sense of comedic timing, David Ives (All in the Timing, Venus in Fur)  brings a new shine to this lost classic. Would-be poet Damis has fallen for the works of a mysterious Breton poetess, not knowing she is really his host, middle-aged gentleman Francalou. Meanwhile, Francalou’s daughter Lucille has fallen for the works of Damis, but mistakes Damis’s friend, the dashing and unpoetic Dorante, for Damis. However, Francalou allows Damis to believe the poetess is his own daughter, Lucille, in order to separate her from Dorante, the son of his sworn enemy. Add to the chaos some scheming servants, pseudonyms, disguises and poetic wooing reminiscent of Cyrano and there is much to untangle before love-plots are resolved and a happy ending found.
Director Melissa Lourie offers up a warm and delicious confection of delectable word play featuring an all-star cast.
*Metromaniac: noun, a person who has a mania for writing poetry, especially bad poetry.

October 19-21 at 7:30
October 22 at 2pm

$22/$12 students