KARLA VAN VLIET: Scored Paintings


Opening reception Friday, June 21    5 - 7 pm.

On display June 21 - August 4, 2019.

Karla Van Vliet uses a technique that she created to have the look and feel of an etching. The process incorporates aspects of both painting and drawing. She scores the surface of the painting and then applies and removes paint, over and over, as the paint fills in the scoring to create line and form. She works with several recurring patterns and images that resonate in her. 

As a writer and visual artist, Van Vliet’s creativity flows naturally through these various genres, informed by her sensitivity, curiosity and passion for all of life’s experiences and interconnections. From the careful crafting of words in poetry through the gesture of wordless writing, or asemic writing in a series of her paintings, and to the marking of the blank canvas of her beautifully textured scored paintings, her creations display a unique and thoughtful perspective. 

“As both an artist and poet I am intrigued with this transitory realm. The act of making the gesture of writing, generating marks on the page, be it letter or character, dendritic form or simple line and shape, keeps me engaged in the practice of expression and in conversation with what is emerging from my unconscious to be communicated.”

Van Vliet’s art has been shown in several galleries including Helen Day Art Center, Still Point Art Gallery, Women in the Arts at the Chaffee Art Center co-sponsored with the National Museum of Women in the Arts and Champlain’s Lake Rediscovered, which toured the northeast. She studied painting and sculpture at Bennington College. She holds a BA from Goddard College and an MFA in poetry from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She is a co-founder and editor of deLuge Journal.  Her books From the Book of Remembrance (Shanti Arts, 2015) and The River From My Mouth (Shanti Arts, 2016) are collections of poems and paintings. A collection of her asemic writing is forthcoming from Shanti Arts in 2020.

The show will open with a reception for the artist on Friday, June 21 from 5 to 7 pm. The exhibit will remain on display through August 4. The Jackson Gallery is located in the lower level of Town Hall Theater, a community and cultural venue located in the center of Middlebury. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday noon to five, and an hour before any public events in the building. ­For further information call 802-382-9222 or consult



The Making of a Graphic Novel

Opening reception Friday, August 9    5 - 7 pm.


On display August 9th - September 22nd, 2019.

Meet local author Jeremy Holt for an in-person signing for his latest graphic novel Before Houdini

This one-of-a-kind exhibit will showcase the creative process behind how a comic book page gets made.

Original art and prints available for sale.  Illustrations by John Lucas. Books provided by The Vermont Book Shop.

Jeremy Holt is a Vermont-based author whose most recent works include Before Houdini, After Houdini, and Skip to the End. He has received high praise from Ms. Marvel creator G. Willow Wilson, as well as magician and NYT crossword constructor David Kwong.

An original art page from his book After Houdini was acquired by The Houdini Museum of NYC, where it now hangs in their permanent collection.

Originally from no place in particular, he has called Italy, Singapore, England, Norway, and Texas home at various points in his life. He graduated with a B.F.A. in Sound Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005, and lived in Brooklyn for five years before relocating to Vermont. When not writing, this Mac Genius is fixing computers and getting confused for his identical triplet brothers.

The Jackson Gallery is located in the lower level of Town Hall Theater, a community and cultural venue located in the center of Middlebury. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday noon to five, and an hour before any public events in the building. ­For further information call 802-382-9222 or consult and


Photo by Elisabeth Waller




Photographs by MAX KRAUS

May 17 - June 16, 2019

Max Kraus is a retired engineer and businessman who moved to Middlebury 15 years ago. Once a self-described “family and trips snapshot” photographer with indifferent results, he became acquainted with digital photography where he could see the results in real time and later enhance the results. Since then Max has photographed hundreds of images. Inspired by life and his explorations in and around Middlebury, he expresses a great appreciation for the seasonal changes in the landscape and farms of Vermont through his imagery. He often returns to favorite spots to capture them at various times of the year. His summer scenes are vivid in color while his winter views through snowfall are unique in their delicate texture and tones.In addition to taking pictures of classical Vermont scenes, Max has chronicled many Town Hall Theater events through his images of production casts and crews and his candid shots of performances in action.  



Photographs of Vermont Landscapes and Patterns in Nature  

March 29 - May 4, 2019

Middlebury artist Eric Nelson displayed images whose common themes are pattern, rhythm, and the interaction of color and light in nature. His sources are landscapes—large and small—that include trees, plants, bodies of water, and geological formations. 

Nelson states, “I am particularly focused on revealing the record of growth, competition for survival, and decay and regeneration found everywhere in nature. For me photographs almost always uncover details, hidden objects, and alignments that are not noticed at the outset but become, through processing and acceptance, an essential part of making and viewing photographs. These unanticipated aspects of producing a photograph give my images an element of surprise that enhances every intentional characteristic that I have for them.”

Nelson also works in the mediums of wood and watercolor. Retired from Middlebury College, he taught sculpture and drawing there for thirty-three years.  



Unique lamps by Vermont artists

February 15 - March 24, 2019

Clay Mohrman of Clay Mohr Lighting creates sculptural lamps out of wood from the forests and shores surrounding Lake Champlain. The Burlington artist uses lighting to connect interior spaces with nature through the combination of LED lighting technology and the found wood. 

Kristian Brevik earned a B.A. in Biological Sciences and Evolutionary Biology and also Sculpture, and is currently a Ph.D. student of Plant and Soil Science. His art is definitely informed by his study of science and nature. Using wood, paper, cloth, bone, and glue, many of his lamps take the form of whales whose skeletal structure is revealed upon illumination. 

Additional works included table lamps from York Hill Pottery, whose carefully crafted stoneware has been exhibited widely. Lamps by Cindi Duff are made of recycled parts using a “retired” musical instrument as the base. Cindi often researches the origins of the instruments she finds, many of which are well-used brass and woodwinds, though one lamp is built around a ukulele. 

Drawings and Models

Middlebury College second year architecture class present "The Diner" project

Ashar Nelson’s second-year architecture class at the college used our Diner property as the basis of a months-long design process.  The students came up with wonderfully creative ideas for the lot, and their designs are beautiful and fun to see.  

The Jackson Gallery is located in the lower level of Town Hall Theater, a community and cultural venue located in the center of Middlebury. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday noon to five, and an hour before any public events in the building. For further information, call 802-382-9222 or consult the web site:


Eleventh Annual Holiday Show of Original Works by Local Artists

NOVEMBER 16 - DECEMBER 31, 2108.

The Jackson Gallery is filled with original, handmade and hand printed art, fine crafts and jewelry.  This exhibition features twenty-five regional artists whose work represents a wide variety of media and styles. All have been recognized for their individual approaches to design and image.

Image: "Red Barns" by Patricia LeBon Herb. More artists exhibiting: Cristine Kossow, Phoebe Stone, Karla Van Vliet, Rich Steele, Hope Johnson, Deanna Shapiro, Karen Lynch, Don Perdue, Dale Helms, Sarah Ashe, Judy Albright, Gabrielle McDermit, Joan Curtis, Gayl Braisted, Lyn DuMoulin, Mimi Love, Molly Hawley, Lily Hinrichsen, Mike Mayone, Barbara Nelson, Sarah Wesson, Catherine Palmer, Carol Calhoun and Yinglei Zhang.


Dimensional Dialogues

Sculpture by Don Perdue, Paintings by Justin Perdue

October 5 - November 11, 2018.

Father and son artists present complimentary works in a variety of media. Both artists' works range from abstract to figurative genres, inspired by cultural observations, jazz music, contemporary dance, and creative explorations of the artists’ respective visual experiences. 

Don’s work includes wood carvings & constructions, cast stone pieces, bronze & aluminum castings, relief works in fired clay & carved foam with faux stone surfacings, plus maquettes & photos of a variety of his large format, site-specific commissions. Justin’s work includes multimedia paintings, constructions and collages.  










LAND MARKS…The Land We Mark, Marks Us.

On display July 13 - September 9, 2018 

Janet Fredericks looks out the airplane window observing meandering rivers, wetlands, forests, and deserts as she sketches the human interaction with the ever-changing landscape.  Continuing her interest in mark-making, these works on paper and canvas reveal the artist’s invented vocabulary of marks as they meet the marks of the land and the human marks we leave upon it.  Part map, part conversation, these drawings invite us to look with new eyes as the land we mark, marks us.  A Vermont artist for over 30 years, Fredericks’ drawings and paintings follow  her lifelong interest in her native environment, the seen and unseen worlds; spirit and matter.  


Birds, Bees and Butterflies in the Land of Milk and Honey   

An exhibition of art and poetry.

On display June 1 - July 8, 2018  

Klara Calitri is a prolific artist whose work in multiple media has included painting, monotype prints, ceramics, sculpture, and more. As a nonagenarian she has spent decades creating art that is informed by her Austrian heritage and inspired by nature, filled with flowers, birds, and living things of all types. It is this passion that inspired Klara to propose an exhibit of art and poetry on the theme of birds, bees and butterflies. Klara invited artist friends to participate, and included a group of poets who have submitted works on the same theme. Some of the art for sale has been donated by the artists to benefit the Otter Creek Audubon Society.

Along with several works by Klara Calitri, the exhibit includes paintings, photographs, mixed media and cards by Rachel Elion Baird, Susan Humphrey, Lisa Calitri, Patty LeBon Herb, Sarah Wesson, Deanna Shapiro, Karla Van Vliet, Molly Hawley, Yinglei Zhang and Phoebe Stone. Poems have been contributed by Rachel Elion Baird, Lisa Calitri, Ann Cooper, Susan Jefts, Patricia LeBon Herb, Kathleen McKinley Harris, Thea Calitri-Martin, Deanna Shapiro, Karla Van Vliet and Nancy Means Wright.


Pastel, Pastel, Pastel... 

Three Artists and their Pastel Journey

Judy Albright, Cristine Kossow, Norma Jean Rollet

April 6 through May 11, 2018. 

The Jackson Gallery displayed works by three Middlebury artists who specialize in representational paintings in soft pastel. Each artist is inspired to illustrate the objects and scenes from their daily lives and surroundings with an individual approach to the medium.  

Images:  Cristine Kossow Jed’s Girl, Judy Albright All the Tea in China, Norma Jean Rollet Between the Weeds










Elinor Steele Tapestry

February 10 - March 31, 2018.

Vermont designer/weaver Elinor Steele Friml  displayed examples representing forty years of dedication to the art of contemporary hand-woven tapestry. The exhibit included works from several of her series, including abstract and impressionistic images, landscapes, and geometric compositions.

Steele combines a strong sense of color and composition with meticulous craftsmanship to create her tapestries. Working from a small scale printed color drawing and a full sized “cartoon” or line pattern she interprets her designs while weaving by hand on a high-warp loom using traditional tapestry techniques. Combining several strands from a large palette of wool yarns to achieve the desired colors and gradients, she takes full advantage of the rich tone and texture that are inherent in the medium. More information at .

Tenth Annual Holiday Exhibit of Art & Fine Crafts by Local Artists

November 18 - December 31, 2017

  The Jackson Gallery will be filled with original, handmade and hand printed art, fine crafts and jewelry. This exhibition will feature twenty-two regional artists whose work represents a wide variety of media and styles. This year’s exhibit will include several artists who are new to the show as well as more three-dimensional works, both decorative and functional.


Lyn DuMoulin: Places of the Heart

October 6 - November 12, 2017

Lyn DuMoulin spends her summers canoeing, bicycling, bird watching and hiking the deep country, the Adirondack mountains. Watercolors by the Middlebury artist reflect her passion for nature and outdoor activities with scenes from Vermont and the Adirondacks. She loves to paint people, canoes, mountains, and the back waters of the great North Country. She states that “the natural world and those places where it seems ‘God’s only been t’once’ grow in importance for me. Reflections in water seem to mirror a deep, watchful presence in my life and often appear in my work. My work reflects my world; colorful and full of life.”

DuMoulin paints full time since retiring from a college teaching career and additional diverse professions. Though she does not have “formal art training” she has developed a high level of skill in watercolor techniques through study with several well-known established artists. Her work has won an award for excellence from the Vermont Watercolor Society in which she is a signature member. She has exhibited in several juried shows and Vermont galleries. An original painting hangs in the lobby of the Nature Conservancy at Keene Valley in the Adirondacks.


Gayl Braisted, Mike Mayone, Catherine M. Palmer, and Reed Prescott

August 18 - October 1, 2017

Sharp pencils and the tiniest brushes - these are the tools of four Addison County artists who specialize in realistic art in fine detail. Characterized by a way of seeing and a level of patience that allows them to go beyond form and into the small elements and textures of the scene, these artists render their images in sharp focus with precision and passion.

Mike Mayone, a self-taught artist, puts great care into creating his acrylic and oil paintings. His landscapes and animal portraits are known for their high realism, and his artwork is representative of his desire to preserve and share those moments of beauty we too often overlook. He states that ‟although I paint in a variety of styles, occasionally I really enjoy getting carried away with the detail in a piece and challenge myself with the level of it.” Mike maintains a studio in East Middlebury and has exhibited widely. 

Catherine M. Palmer is an artist from New Haven, where she lives surrounded by her favorite subject matter – draft horses and the many other animals of agricultural life. Raised on a dairy farm, she sketched and painted from an early age, but her education followed another path – music and theater coaching. Since retirement from teaching she has experimented with acrylics and pastels, but most importantly, colored pencil. Working with high quality pencil pigments allows for many layers of under painting and building of intensity with control and precision. She calls her style softened realism and is especially interested in the personal, close-up, candid moments of the relationships of working animals and people.

Gayl Braisted took a couple of studio art courses in college, one of which was a watercolor class with the ‟rather colorful” Arthur K.D. Healy at Middlebury College. She then moved to New York City and worked in advertising and graphic design while raising a family, but one request from a real estate broker led to a business of drawing architectural renderings. She later returned to watercolors in hopes that it would ‟free my style from the accurate detail work required for architectural renderings. I looked at the work of a few watercolorists I admired and found, alas, that I could be nearly as exacting and detailed as I am in pen and ink.” She has worked primarily in watercolor ever since, and lives in Cornwall.  

Lincoln artist Reed A. Prescott III is often found studying his native Vermont out ‟among the maple trees and rolling hills” before he gives his images life on the canvas. The accomplished artist and illustrator is widely known for his detailed landscapes in oil, as well as his animal imagery. His paintings have been published in national magazines, posters for regional flower shows and concerts, and calendars. He has illustrated ten books, including Owls by Floyd Scholz and Floyd Scholz Birds of Prey, perhaps the definitive study of raptors, as well as naturalist writer Ron Rood’s capstone examination of the Vermont wilderness and the New England coast – Ron Rood’s Vermont and Beachcomber All.




Daily Art

June 30 - August 13, 2017

Susanne Peck spent most of her professional life in the NYC area and relocated to Vermont in 2008.  A classical singer, educator and conductor, she has always made art and has been drawing commissioned portraits for 26 years.  In recent years she has branched out to include abstract and expressionist works as well as representational, and the exhibit will reflect this variety.

Largely self-taught, her most valued instruction came privately from Elizabeth Steig in the Boston area and from portrait painter Laurel Stern Boeck at Katonah Art Center in New York, from Tad Spurgeon, Richard Weinstein and Mary Lower at the Middlebury Studio School.  Ms Peck has taught clay and drawing/painting to children and adults at Katonah Art Center, Frog Hollow and Middlebury Studio School in Vermont.  Her commissions have included New York City Federal Judge Colleen McMahon and family, opera singers Francois Clemmons and Beverly Myers along with actor Richard Gere's young son.  A portrait of President Obama by Susanne Peck was gifted to the White House in 2009. 



May 19 - June 25, 2017

Elaine Ittleman paints large abstract landscapes. Bold and colorful, they have an improvisational feel and apparent joie de vivre. Ittleman is passionate about art and has been painting for over 20 years in various media including oil, watercolor and pastel. Her work has evolved through impressionistic landscapes to a more abstract approach. She  exhibited fourteen recent oil paintings in the Jackson Gallery. When she is not working or painting, Elaine and her husband Frank welcome the public to their Lemon Fair Sculpture Park in Shoreham during the summer and fall months. 




April 7 - May 12, 2017

Fred Lower paints the landscape of Addison County. His deft strokes and distinctive color choices capture the essence of the light and shadow, and the texture of his scenery. He likes to paint directly from the subject, and states that “the motifs that I find most engaging are often the easiest to find because they are right out my back door.  I live a short distance from where the Middlebury River joins Otter Creek.  It is, quite simply, a plethora of compositions, a feast of forms for an artist.”


Sanford Farrier

Posters for Plays Not Yet Written

March 11 - April 1, 2017

The Jackson Gallery presents a series of large scale posters designed by graphic designer Sanford Farrier. In the Plays Not Yet Written collection each poster is an invitation to the viewer to engage in a conversation about theatrical and thematic possibilities. It starts with a first impression, hopefully leads to thoughtful exploration, and finally poses the question “So, given this treatment and imagery, what do you think this play is about?” 

The exhibit coincides with Town Hall Theater’s fourth annual Pop-Up Plays and will be integral to the process for this year’s event. Pop-Up Plays, an evening of plays written, directed and performed in 24 hours, will be performed on April 1. This year Sanford Farrier’s posters will serve as inspiration for the playwrights who will write the plays the night before they’re performed.



hawley-painting-2Molly Watson Hawley


January 13 - March 5, 2017

Molly Watson Hawley works in a number of media to explore how the surface images of the visible world represent a deeper reality. Hawley studied for a number of years with the plein air masters Cedric and Joanette Egeli at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown. Her portraiture has been informed by her work with portrait masters Jose Cintron and Burt Silverman. In addition to her continuing portrait commissions, she is actively at work on an extended series of Cape Cod and Vermont landscapes. Her home and studio are in Ripton, Vermont, where she lives with her husband, the writer Richard Hawley.



hart-3Ninth Annual Holiday Show of

Original Works by Local Artists

November 19 – December 31, 2016

The Gallery was filled with original, handmade and hand printed art, fine crafts and photography by talented regional artists. This holiday season show has become a tradition at Town Hall Theater and features unique and affordable works available for immediate purchase.

Image: Stained glass by Michael Hart







Following a Thread

On display through November 13, 2016

Prolific artist, author and illustrator Ashley Wolff will display a series of paintings with a common thread. Rich in their color and pattern, the images in this show began to emerge in the autumn of 2014 after the death of a beloved dog and evolved over the next two years. Using gouache on watercolor paper, Ashley combines animal imagery from the Mexican Dia des los Muertes (Day of the Dead) tradition, Ukranian Pysanka (decorated eggs,) and her Vermont rural environment.  The poem The Way It Is, by William Stafford, first heard at the Town Hall Theater 2014 performance of Night Fires was a huge influence in several of the pieces.



Bonnie Baird 1 WEBAs the Crow Flies


On display August 12 through September 25, 2016

Bonnie Baird paints the landscape that surrounds and holds her. Baird’s paintings are filled with an emerging fullness of heart. In her paintings light infuses life into air, becoming the magic that conjures a personal memory. Her paintings simultaneously evoke a simple lament and heartfelt joy. Using a limited palette and large simple shapes, Baird composes more than a visual observation. Her work is a perceptual experience: an intrinsic vivid memory.


Klara Calitri painting WEBKlara Calitri


July 9 through August 6, 2016

A visit to Klara Calitri’s home offers an inspiring tribute to a truly creative spirit. Calitri is a prolific artist whose work in multiple media has included painting, monotype prints, ceramics, sculpture, and more. As a nonagenarian she has objects and paintings on display that represent many decades of production and experimentation with techniques. Informed by her Austrian heritage and inspired by nature, her artwork is filled with flowers, birds, and living things of all types and her home and gardens are the same. She surrounds herself with the things she loves and she expresses these passions through her art in bold and many-colored form.
The exhibit  featured samples of the many creative paths that Calitri has explored. Paintings in her colorful floral style joined more abstract monotype prints. Ceramic tiles as framed art depicting a variety of themes accompanied her large hand-formed and decorated presentation bowls. Fountains unique in their engineering and intricate design were featured as well. This display represented the rich multi-dimensional life of a true Renaissance woman and creative force.


 FULL CIRCLE:Harbor_Pond_Dusk_2010_20x16-3

Emerging Landscapes Within Handmade Paper

Deborah Sharpe-Lunstead

May 20 – July 2, 2016

This collection of pulp paintings made with hand made paper invites the viewer to travel through the seasons and the landscape, from fields, forests and farmland to waterways and the seaside. The process of creating a pulp painting begins with water and plants, which become paper and fibers in the paintings.  The show explores the cycles of the seasons; the wonders of plants, which just keep giving; and water, which is necessary for plants and paper and all living things.


 Singing, Guo Yiyu webRETURN OF THE SPRING

January 15 – March 5, 2016

The Return of Spring is the theme of this show, featuring the work of Middlebury artist Yinglei Zhang, her mentor Mr. Li Xubai from China, currently Canada, and her teacher Mr. Guo Ziyu of Hongkong.  Both Mr. Li and Mr. Guo have work collected by private owners and museums around the world.

The exhibit coincides with the February 8th Chinese New Year,  celebrating the year of the monkey.




Bolger Morning Cows

From Farm to Feast

Eighth Annual Holiday Show of Original Works by Local Artists

November 20 – December 31, 2015 

Art and objects celebrating Vermont agriculture and its bounty. The Gallery is filled with original, handmade and hand printed art, fine crafts and photography by 22 talented local artists. This holiday season show has become a tradition at Town Hall Theater and features unique and affordable works available for immediate purchase.   Image: Joe Bolger “Morning Cows” 






Drawings, Paintings and Wall Sculptures

 On display October 2 – November 7, 2015

Joan Curtis uses paint, colored pencil, papier-mache and mixed media in two and three- dimensional works filled with vibrant color and organic form. Incorporating human- and animal-like figures, she combines abstract and figurative imagery to express her fanciful visions. In much of her work certain figures seem to be protectors or helping spirits -- beings that help us connect to or cross to the next world.

The Brandon artist has exhibited throughout New England and in invitational shows elsewhere. Her artwork is in the collections of Middlebury College Museum of Art, the Robert Hull Fleming Museum (Burlington, VT), the Fuller Museum of Art (Brockton, MA), SUNY Adirondack (Queensbury, NY), as well as numerous private collections.

Large Cyanotype  Arbor Series

Line and Shadow:

Cyanotypes and Drawings by Tom Fels 

On display through September 27, 2015

Works include large cyanotype prints from the Arbor and Catalpa Series from 2011 to 2014, a selection of smaller minimalist drawings from the Linea Series of 2014, and a large drawing from the recent Classics Series. Tom Fels is an artist, curator and writer specializing in the history of photography.





Oil Paintings

On display July 10 - August 4.

Presented in conjunction with Point Counterpoint's Constance Holden Memorial Concert on July 27. 






Ripton Country StoreMOSTLY VERMONT:

Photographic Images

by Jack Goodman

May 15 - June 27, 2015

Middlebury photographer Jack Goodman will present a selection from his extensive portfolio of images. The prolific Middlebury photographer has been taking pictures for 65 years around the United States and Canada but has found that digital photography has inspired him to capture more images in the last three years than in the previous decades. Images include landscapes, still life and architectural themes, including both color and black and white prints. All proceeds from sales will benefit the Town Hall Theater and its endowment fund.


Nick Mayer Illustration WEBNICK MAYER – Nature Illustration

April 12 - May 8, 2015

Nick Mayer is an award winning nature illustrator whose style embraces the natural beauty of fish and other marine life with a unique scientific perspective. He is a former marine biologist and a lifelong fly fishing addict.  A skin of his teeth survival falling overboard off a commercial fishing vessel into the Bering Sea followed by a near float plane crash in Northern Labrador inspired Nick to pursue his true calling as an artist.  Painting is his passion and he has developed a celebrated touch.  He is the illustrator of two books:  Catalina Island Dive Buddies written by fishing historian Mike Rivkin and Fish ABCs by Nick Mayer.  His work and licensed products can be seen in galleries and stores in over 30 countries around the globe.


Concepts of Shamans by Mongolian Artists

from the collection of Sas Carey. 

Shaman image in color

Sas Carey's collection of Mongolian art is extensive thanks to her twenty years of travel to the region and her study of life and culture as expressed through her film Ceremony. 

On exhibit through April 4, 2015.







Bolger Painting

JOE BOLGER - Portraits in Oil

January 9 - March 7, 2015

Working mostly with oil in a representational style, Joe excels at capturing light and color in his paintings.  Although Joe focuses mainly on plein air landscapes, he also loves to paint sports scenes, portraits, and figures.  Joe maintains an intense focus on color and changing light conditions in his paintings, each of which seems to capture a unique moment in time. This exhibition will feature landscapes representing all of the seasons in Vermont.  

Joe has always appreciated artists that paint light including many American artists, the Old Masters, and the Impressionists.  The writings of John Carlson, Edgar Payne, Charles Hawthorne, and Richard Schmid have also strongly influenced Joe's landscape painting style. When it comes to the figure and the portrait, Joe admires the work of John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, and Anders Zorn.

Over the years, Joe has been fortunate to study under various professional artists including Louis Griffel, Rob Longley, John Killroy, Tom Browning, Clayton Beck, Camille Przewodek, Ken Backus, John Budicin, Albert Handell, Casey Baugh, Jack Keledjian, David Lussier and Scott Burdick.


"Chickadee-dee-dee" - acrylic on panel, 5x7"

7th Annual Juried Exhibit of

Original Works by Local Artists

November 14 - December 31, 2014

This juried exhibition featured eighteen regional artists whose work represents a wide variety of media and styles.

This holiday season show has become a tradition at Town Hall Theater and features unique and affordable works available for immediate purchase. 

Image: Mike Mayone's "Chickadee-Dee-Dee"



Passing Through:

Portraits of Emerging Adults

August 18 - October 26, 2014

"Passing Through" features 17 over life sized oil portraits paired with audio portraits of seventeen young people who have all come through Middlebury for one reason or another. From Caleb, a ninth generation Vermonter who was born here, to Kamal, who came for ten summers with the Fresh Air Fund, to Esthena, valedictorian of her MUHS class, to Aubrey, who came to Middlebury College from Botswana, you will recognize some of these young people -- if not all of them! -- and you will enjoy hearing their stories. Ten of the paintings are housed in the Jackson Gallery; the seven remaining paintings are in the Lower Lobby of the Mahaney Center for the Arts at Middlebury College.

VISIT Kate's website:








Photography by James Blair

July 11 - August 16, 2014

Images from a life as photojournalist for the National Geographic Society.

James Blair worked as a staff photographer for the National Geographic Magazine for thirty years. Forty-five articles carried his byline and more than 2000 of his photos have appeared within its covers.

“My time photographing with the National Geographic opened my eyes to the beauty of the natural world and the wonder of its many inhabitants. It also brought into stark relief the pain and cruelty we humans too often experience. There have been times at which I questioned mankind’s path and Mother Nature’s response. From war to global warming, I have seen through my lens the seeds of our social and political conflicts today.”

“Each of these eighteen photographs is but a single instant from long ago that was recorded on film and is now a part of the history of our time.  I believe that the past is truly prologue to the future and for that reason I have selected these particular photographs as a warning of the problems that we, and our children, will sooner rather than later face.”



Jane Eddy

Barbara Ekedahl

Ray Hudson

MAY 23 - JUNE 29, 2014





MARCH 21 - MAY 9, 2014

A portfolio of large format black and white photographs in and around Robert Frost's summer cabin and the Breadloaf Wilderness of Vermont.

"With The Pane in Empty Rooms, I’ve tried to create a portfolio that conveys the natural beauty of the farm and the surrounding lands that Frost explored and served to inspire him, while simultaneously communicating a little of the darkness I found in those empty rooms in Ripton."

Brett Simison is an award-winning editorial, commercial, and fine art photographer based in Vermont. His work has appeared in publications such as Outside Magazine, The New York Times, National Geographic Online, and Backpacker Magazine from assignments throughout the United States and abroad. The native of Citronelle, Alabama now lives with his wife Amy and son Connor in the city of Vergennes, Vermont. His website is


JIM BORDEN - An Exhibition in Celebration of a Lifetime of Art

Jim Borden (1928-2013) had been either drawing or painting for as anyone can remember. His work graces the walls of his family's restaurant in Indiana, the Veteran's Administration in Washington, D.C. and countless homes across the country.

The paintings in this exhibit were selected to show the range of his talent, skill and interests. Most paintings are for sale and will benefit Town Hall Theater and the James C. Borden Art Award established to award a cash prize to a graduating art student at Jim's high school alma mater.


6th Annual Holiday Show

The Jackson Gallery will be filled with art and fine crafts once again through the holiday season. This juried exhibition will feature twenty-eight regional artists whose work represents a wide variety of media and styles.

This holiday season show has become a tradition at Town Hall Theater and features unique and affordable works available for immediate purchase. The exhibit starts off with an opening reception on Friday, November 15 from 5-7 pm, and continues through December 31, 2013.


OCM 10

August 15 - September 1, 2013

Photographs of the Opera Company of Middlebury's first decade.

Featuring stunning photographs taken by Ernie Longey and Max Kraus. The exhibition coincides with the Opera Company's 10th Anniversary celebration.

PHOTO:  Ernie Longey’s photo of the 2004 Opera Company of Middlebury production of Carmen.


Champlain Valley Scenes and Places

Artwork by Jennifer Steele Cole

July 12 - August 11, 2013

The Charlotte artist, illustrator and model maker uses her skill at architectural rendering along with an artist’s sensitivity to texture and color as she creates paintings and drawings that capture the agrarian landscape of Vermont.


Fran Bull:  Sound & Color

May 24 - July 6, 2013

Double Portraits:
Great opera singers in their signature roles

Intrigued with the visual transformation singing artists undergo in the performance of their roles, Fran Bull’s Double Portraits are an attempt to portray both the singer and the role being enacted.

Arias From the Artist’s Notebook:
Lyrics for the Fools we are.

Bull imagines mini-operas in which an odd array of characters recite the quizzical words that have surfaced over a number of years in her artist’s sketchbooks. The pieces began as a series of small collages and were photographed and enlarged by the great photographer, Don Ross.

Photo: Olga Borodina as AMNERIS, acrylic on handmade paper


Don Ross  "Photographing Quarries"

April  5 – May 3, 2013

Don Ross has been photographing in Vermont quarries for two decades. His work is exhibited widely and is held in numerous private and public collections, including The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.   Featuring some of his most recent work, the Jackson Gallery exhibition includes a selection of large scale prints of quarry perspectives accessible only in winter. Also included is a cross section of images created over the last 20 years, including black and white images from the 90’s.

Photo: Quarry Detail, Websterville, VT



The Carolyn and Willard Jackson Gallery

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Chain Link Gallery

A big chain-link fence is coming to Middlebury in May 2018, and Town Hall Theater and Neighbors Together would like to make it beautiful.

Great art is often based on a grid.  Ancient tapestries and contemporary computer art all begin with a simple lattice. The chain-link fence that will soon surround Fountain Park is one big grid.  Rather than trying to mask it with canvases and flowers and signage, let’s celebrate this enormous grid and the possibilities it will create for local artists.

The possibilities for geometric op-art are literally infinite. 

The grid can support language. Simple, inexpensive materials can be used to create eye-popping effects.

We're asking  artists to submit their ideas for chain-link art to

Once we mount the first series of works in June, we suspect that many others will get excited and will submit ideas.  Grade schools, clubs, computer types, artists of every stripe and level of experience will want to get their chance to participate.

2-4 works will be displayed at one time.  They will remain on the fence for 2-3 months, and then will be replaced by new works – an entirely new “exhibit”. 

The artist will oversee the creation of the work on the fence.  Neighbors Together will supply the labor force – perhaps 6-10 people per artwork.  I suspect each of these works can be created in a few hours. 

Neighbors Together will pay for the cost of materials.

Assuming the various panels will be in the range of 10’ wide by 8’ high, we will be able display a number of works simultaneously.  For the all-important summer of 2020, however, we envision one huge mural running the entire length of the fence – perhaps 100’ long.  A townscape perhaps, or a dreamscape, or who knows what?  And, if possible, we’ll light it from behind in the evening.  Downtown Middlebury will glow.